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Sakura Aishi, by kai-alive by joeyjumper94 Sakura Aishi, by kai-alive :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 2 0 character app: Galloping Gertie by joeyjumper94 character app: Galloping Gertie :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 0 0 Character app: Revenant Moon by joeyjumper94 Character app: Revenant Moon :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 3 0 Revenant Moon, by SternNightGuard by joeyjumper94 Revenant Moon, by SternNightGuard :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 1 0 Leo Mosseif by joeyjumper94 Leo Mosseif :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 6 0 Galloping Gertie in Gmod by joeyjumper94 Galloping Gertie in Gmod :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 4 3 Happy Birtday, Equestrian Horizon by joeyjumper94 Happy Birtday, Equestrian Horizon :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 2 1 Lucy Ref by joeyjumper94 Lucy Ref :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 2 1 Wildling Tools (part 1) by joeyjumper94 Wildling Tools (part 1) :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 1 0 Pony base with balloons and harness by joeyjumper94 Pony base with balloons and harness :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 5 0 Wildling Bridge by joeyjumper94 Wildling Bridge :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 0 0 Galloping Gertie, by xbi by joeyjumper94 Galloping Gertie, by xbi :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 5 0 Galloping Gertie balloons ref Palette+Mark+harness by joeyjumper94 Galloping Gertie balloons ref Palette+Mark+harness :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 1 0 Galloping Gertie, by Xx-Thebluesugar-Xx by joeyjumper94 Galloping Gertie, by Xx-Thebluesugar-Xx :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 2 0 Revenant Moon refsheet by joeyjumper94 Revenant Moon refsheet :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 7 3 Bullying By Lily Purple Rocks by joeyjumper94 Bullying By Lily Purple Rocks :iconjoeyjumper94:joeyjumper94 0 0


Sky Date by benji-boi Sky Date :iconbenji-boi:benji-boi 9 1 Don't Need A Parachute (Redraw) by Squipy-Cheetah Don't Need A Parachute (Redraw) :iconsquipy-cheetah:Squipy-Cheetah 45 3 Concept Helia by SaturnStar14 Concept Helia :iconsaturnstar14:SaturnStar14 41 26
Summer's Bio

Name: Summer Ann Felicity
Birthday: June 20, 2017 (refer to bio for more details)
Gender: Female
Species: Balloonie Butterfly
Maybe I should start with trying to explain what Summer is rather than who she is. I got the idea for a character like this when I saw two heart balloons at an event tied together by the neck and thought they resembled a pair of wings.
Summer is a balloonie creature (see: For those of you who don't know what that is, she is basically, a living creature that is a balloon or rather in her case, a cluster of balloons. She has two 12" jewel pink hearts as her upper wings and two 6" balloons of the same colour as her lower wings. Her body, limbs and head is a single, striped balloon that is much more resilient and tougher than her wings.
Since she is a balloonie creature, it's worth mentioning that she is very vulnerable to sharp objects. Her wings can burst if subject to abrasive surfaces or pointy
:icondontpopme:Dontpopme 3 1
The Three Caballos by CrazyNutBob The Three Caballos :iconcrazynutbob:CrazyNutBob 68 8 Fulton Away by viwrastupr Fulton Away :iconviwrastupr:viwrastupr 229 26 Orchidstraction by AlloyRabbit Orchidstraction :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 25 7 Pinkie Pie (New Twitter Profile Image) by TFANCS-85 Pinkie Pie (New Twitter Profile Image) :icontfancs-85:TFANCS-85 44 1 inflation time XDD by mankiss5688 inflation time XDD :iconmankiss5688:mankiss5688 5 30 mina balloon p.3 by mankiss5688 mina balloon p.3 :iconmankiss5688:mankiss5688 10 5 mina balloon p.2 by mankiss5688 mina balloon p.2 :iconmankiss5688:mankiss5688 11 0 mina balloon p.1 by mankiss5688 mina balloon p.1 :iconmankiss5688:mankiss5688 7 1 Pinkie Pie's Day by Sterreko Pinkie Pie's Day :iconsterreko:Sterreko 13 2
The Visitor
Chapter 1
**Commander's Journal comprehensive voice post**
042111 Emergency repairs on the RMF Lionheart have held fast until lately, I do not think this crate will survive another re-entry, so I agreed to do a freight transfer at the Vanner System, Vanner6 Star 4th planet out, has a suitable moon, also in the 'Goldielocks Zone' for our transfer. Initial scans suggest this planet is of the Class M variety, with signs of flora and fauna.
**End voice post**
RMF Lionheart, a small freighter floated along the Vanner System alongside the yellow star Vanner 6, 4th planet out, a blue/green world one would confuse for Terra Prime if they didn't know the continents on Terra Prime. The Commander Gunnlod Phaetonsdottir former Royal Guardian for Her Majestie's Secret Service, retired for her advanced age as the Queen only wants young mares for her staff.
Her Shipment of raw baking materials for Clydesdale12 is 2 million parsecs away, a quick jump for the ships whose jump-drives are operational, th
:iconbrongaar:brongaar 2 0
Balloons In My Basket by Lahirien Balloons In My Basket :iconlahirien:Lahirien 138 20
Thank One's Lucky Starlight
    As the bright globe of warmth rises over the horizon to begin a new day over the glorious kingdom of Tambelon Island, the multiple inhabitants of ponies, zebra, dragons, buffalo, and more scattered all over the different towns and villages arise quickly out of their beds once the rays of the sun shine on through the windows of their houses or huts. Today is a day like no other, since it is marked as a holiday where everypony is allowed the day off from both school and work in order to celebrate much anticipated fun and activities throughout the golden kingdom of harmony.
    While there are many holidays over the year worth one's time off to celebrate with his or her family, this particular one originated from a great kingdom far away...where it's citizens sing and dance with much merry and joyful spirit, and ride through the roaring green pastures the roam the majority of the land: The Kingdom of Shamrock.
    Once a year, this land of green cele
:iconcourageous-of-light:Courageous-of-Light 21 41



Selusunost AshleighArts SternNightGuard
Since at least last summer, i've been off my meds.
On 1-1-2017, i took 1 pill with each being 200 MG of Lamotrigine( an anti depressant) and 1.5 pills with each being 100 MG( or 150 MG) of Sertraline HCl( another anti depressant).
Soon after, I became so nauseated that I had to puke.
We had to dial back and go slowly, so I don't puke again.
Even though I take my first full dose of anti depressents tomorrow, it'll be 6-8 weeks for my anti depressants to kick in.
In the mean time, my depression is able to cause serious havoc
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Selusunost AshleighArts SternNightGuard


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